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The responsible approach to exploring feelings requires an integrated approach.

An educational foundation allows Radix practitioners to see clients as individuals seeking growth and overcoming obstacles, as opposed to the Medical model, which sees their patients from an illness model, as being sick and unable to participate in their own wellness. There is a time for medicine and a time for self-activating & healing… conveying this to our clients is our optimal goal.

By teaching clients an integrated approach, how to surrender to their deepest feelings and be able to integrate the meaning of those feeling into our lives is a core benefit of Radix Work .

Understanding Pulsation

The flow of the radix is the basis for all other Radix concepts. As a Radix practitioner I am always observing and working with this energetic flow. In particular its instroke or gathering in and its outstroke or moving out from the center. The gathering in of the radix to the center enables a sense of self contact or being centered. Grounding is the movement of this energy out to the legs, arms and eyes. This enhances contact with reality, the ability to stand firmly in oneself and to receive support from the world, including the ground.

We learn to control the flow of our life energy to block the awareness and expression of emotions. Radix work helps free these blocks so that the energy pulsates freely. With this freedom comes an ability to know what one is feeling and to express it or contain it as appropriate.


Understanding Interpersonal Relationships is achieved with a self understanding of our Core Feelings: Anger and Love, Pain and Pleasure, Fear and Trust…
This key concept is that the experience and expression of oppositional feelings have a relationship in the body. Only when we can open to our anger can we allow ourselves to express love. When we can feel our pain we can let into pleasure. And we can begin to trust when we are ready to know our fear. When we hold back one emotion we block the capacity to fully experience its opposite. This is because the energy for both anger and love moves out from the core or center of the body. When fear or trust is expressed, there is an inward movement towards the center. Pain and pleasure both pulsate in each direction. 

Self-Esteem and Anxiety

Many people who experience low self-esteem experience anxiety, especially social anxiety. Frequently, this is a consequence of the social evaluative aspect of self-esteem. In other words, we tend to evaluate our self based upon comparisons to other people. In addition, many people are concerned about others’ evaluating them and assume that others will see the same flaws and incompetencies that they see within themselves. Such a concern leads to the feelings of anxiety.

A Good Start is working with Containment and Boundaries …When we need to contain our emotions, we need this life energy to be able to move to our periphery or edges to give us a sense of a container around our vulnerable core. Similarly when we need to protect ourselves from the energy of others, we need some of our life energy to move out to form a boundary.



Feeling and Purpose

In establishing future goals, we are often confronted not only with external challenges, but with internal blocks and resistence to change and/or to take necessary risks. By being open to our feelings, learning to breath, center and ground ourselves we find we are able to let go of past conflicts or let go of a self-concept that keeps us from moving forward in our lives…

Because emotions are involuntary and cannot be commanded in or out of existence, we must learn to know when to “Hold on” and when to “Let go”. In this way, we work with the feelings, not against them.
This is much more an art then a learned skill or aquired knowledge… We first learn how to accept our experience, accept ourselves and our emotions… The Radix approach includes what we call “charging” or energetic exercises that include Breathing, motion and sound among other techniques..




Online Resources and Radix Group Information

A Powerful Guide to Self-Esteem

Order this definitive work on Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden, a pioneer in the field.
There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.
– NB

My Incredible Talking Body: Learning to Be Calm.

By cultivating mindfulness of the body’s signals about feelings, this book encourages acceptance of all types of emotions and helps kids identify various tools and strategies for staying calm as well as being able to self manage anxiety.

Radix® Groups and Workshops

A distinguishing feature of Radix work is that it may be done not only in individual sessions, but also in workshops, classes, and groups.

Go to the link to find out about Groups and workshops that are available to attend.

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